Tally Hero Image

Tally Saves the Internet

Tally is a browser extension that transforms data advertisers collect into a multiplayer game. Tally is a friendly pink blob that battles online trackers represented by product monsters in a turn-based RPG-like battle.

I worked as part of a team in the ongoing project researching Onboarding and UX, creating frameworks and layouts for the website, and illustrations for the game. All of the design choices were informed by feedback collected from users during the game's alpha stage.

UX + Layouts

After weeks of research on User Experience and User Conversion, I designed the flow and wireframe of Tally's installation.

The process began by designing a wireframe of what the Install experience should be like. Users are directed to different steps of "Get Tally" depending on where they are in the sign-up and installation process. The Anonyname, a randomly generated username, is emphasized, as many users highlighted this feature in feedback surveys.

An emphasis of the process was to translate the experience accross devices, focusing on the page's responsiveness.

Get Tally Install Page Wireframe #1

The first iteration was not entirely satisfactory, as it was not clear to users that they should confirm the account. Further, it did not mention the Privacy Policy, an important feature of Tally's internet-privacy-related mission.

This solution did not account for all possible stages a user could be along the process of setting up Tally in their browser.

Get Tally Install Page Final Wireframe

With this in mind, we decided to divide the process into three explicit steps: Anonyname, account confirmation, and link to extension. As such, we arrived to the final iteration of the Get Tally page.

Get Tally Install Page

As the game relies heavily on data collection and visualization, I also worked on the layout and planning of data-heavy pages, such as the profile page and the Leaderboards


Additionally, I created a set of icons to be used throughout the game and website. Finally, I collaborated with game designers to develop, illustrate and animate assets for Tally's gameplay.

Item #1
Item #2
Item #3
Item #4

The GIFs above are collectible items that appear randomly during a user's browsing that affect the player's stats once clicked.

The icons below are an RPG-like type for each move and product monster. The types reflect the tags of the website where each product monster is found.