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Pombo Education

Over the Summer, a few of my high school friends and I started working on Pombo Education. Noting a lack of online teaching resources available to teachers in our hometown of Cali, Colombia, we decided to research into education and develop a app.

I worked on the creation of the brand's identity, from its name to its tagline and logo. I applied the identity to a presentation microsite, a blog, e-mail communications templates, and frameworks for the app itself.

Branding & Applications

The company's name is based on Rafael Pombo, one of Colombia's great authors, recognized for his children's literature. Similarly, the logo is a nudge to his famous spectacles, also associated to knowledge or intelligence.

Pombo Education Logo Versions

The logo was built initially as an app icon, but expanded to adapt to other possibilities the brand could explore, such as its microsite, blog, and eventually, merch. The identity was built to rely on the logo as much as the typography and be adaptable to many sizes while maintaining recognition.

Pombo T-Shirts


The app's target audience were primarily high school teachers, and it consisted of three relatively simple screens. Initially, a home page with a list of reminders and tasks for the upcoming days.

Secondly, a feedback screen, where the teachers would receive feedback from their students and AI-informed suggestions for the future of their course. Finally, a chatbot to aid in class and tasks set-up, as well as providing general suggestions.

The Pombo symbol was used throughout the app as a personification of the chatbot and of the AI curating suggestions, to make the experience as conversation-like as possible.

Ventana Feedback
Ventana Feedback
Ventana Feedback